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Finding more of your perfect customers doesn't have to be a headache. With a profit first quoting model, we make sure your ROI is always jaw-dropping

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Risk-Free Leads

As a dedicated PPL Marketing Agency, we make sure your business only gets the finest leads. Our robust marketing funnels & unique lead generation strategies help generate sales-ready leads that actually convert with minimum efforts from your sales team. Plus you only pay for leads you actually get.


One-Stop shop

From Strategy to Delivery, we’ve got you covered! Once your needs are clear, and your USP & ICP have been defined, our marketing team will build media campaigns on all relevant channels to drive qualified traffic. Our IT and design team will focus on making that funnel convert like crazy sending you the desired leads.

True Partnership

Because your success is our success, we see our clients as true business partners and strive to provide the highest ROI. As such, in addition to the Pay Per Lead model, other pricing options are available like revenue sharing or strategic partnerships that take our collaboration to a whole new level.


$775K Spent in Ads


789,000 Leads So Far


540% Average ROI


97% Happy Customers


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Industries We Cater For

While our marketing team can deliver results in any sector, we have some favourites :)



E-Learning, Business Schools, Universities, Primary & Secondary schools, Assignment help...



Buyer & Seller leads, Residential & Commercial projects, Agents, Brokers & Developers



Anti aging, Medical tourism, Cataract & eye surgery, Hair transplant...



Skilled immigration, Canada Express Entry, Quebec Immigration, Student VISA, Permanent Residency...



Citizenship By Investment, Golden VISAs, Entrepreneur programs, Fast track Second Passports...



Personal banking, High Net Individuals (HNI), Forex & Crypto trading, Stock markets...

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Frequently Asked Questions

owleads is a team of seasoned Lead Generation experts offering Pay Per Lead services to businesses of all sizes all around the globe. Our industry-leading customer satisfaction paired with fair pricing make us the leading provider in numerous markets.

Whether you are looking for more quote requests, software trial registrations or demo requests, information inquiries, inbound calls, drive to store customers... we can do it all. In addition to providing you with the leads you want in the format you require, our team might suggest other forms of leads if we see opportunities for you.

We usually work on a Pay Per Lead basis where you pay a fixed price for the leads you actually get. For customers with more specific needs, we can build custom solutions either in a Revenue Sharing model or a full blown custom partnership. You can learn more on our lead pricing page

The only true answer to such question is "it depends". Your CPL (Cost Per Leads) will depend on the required quality, number of leads, delivery timeframe, industry, market... Some leads are as cheap as $1 while others cost in the hundreds. One thing is sure, we never quote a price that we know is not profitable for you, our team always simulates ROI to make sure it's a wing win deal. Please get in touch with our team for a custom price quote.

Industry experience & Digital Marketing expertise are the two pillars we rely on to deliver the highest qualification and intent. Industry experience let's us know what works and what doesn't and gain invaluable insights of user behavior. Digital Marketing expertise let's us leverage the most advanced and effective targeting and messaging strategies to drive to quality traffic to our conversion funnels.

In B2C industries, we can deliver anything from tens to hundreds of leads daily, while in B2B the numbers are naturally lower. It also depends on the market size and the required qualification level.

We usually require 7 to 10 days before you receive your first leads. This gives us the time to build the funnel, set up the campaigns and take care of any API integration you might require. However, if you are really in a hurry, we will always do our best to get something up and running within 2 to 3 days.

Leads to sales conversion rates range from 1 to 22% depending on your team's performance and your product/service quality, reputation and pricing. We make sure ROI is always above 200% reaching as much as 1300% in some cases especially for high ticket sales! Please note that our implication with our clients goes beyond simply getting them the leads they want, we'll also often get involved in improving your sales process and KPIs because ultimately, your success is also ours.

Great choice! We will be thrilled to help you grow your business with top notch lead generation services. Just drop us a line on our contact page an Account Executive will follow up with you very shortly after.